Friday, January 2, 2015

Looking Back

It was a beautiful Christmas.  The trees..
 ...the tags.  
Thank you Des for teaching me how to make them, and for giving me the confidence to go off in my own directions.  Next year we're having another gift tag making July.  Mark your calendar.

Our party was great fun - 
and there was barely a scrap of food left.  That made me so happy!
Leslie made chocolate mousse with real moose.  Oops, I mean with real gold leaf sprinkled on top.  It was fabulous and gorgeous.  It disappeared so fast! 

Everything that would hold still got garlanded and lit and wrapped with ribbon:
Brit and I made peppermint bark, and granola, and butter toffee, and wrapped them with cellophane and bright ribbons.  Gifts for her friends - I think we have a new tradition.  Brit?
Early in the season for inspiration we went to the Flower Mart.
 And to Ron Morgan's.  He is walking talking inspiration.  If you go to one of his classes and don't come away inspired, you weren't paying attention.  
It was a Christmas filled with friends...

...and family.  

It was a wonderful year.

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