Monday, July 4, 2011

Hot Stuff

I didn't plan to have a hot orange and pink garden, it just sort of happened. A pastel garden would have died against my yellow and blue house, so I would come home with hot colors, then wander around with a trowel trying to find homes for them.

The screaming orange roses (no, I don't know their name, I got them from a backyard breeder; when fully open they're ugly and they fade horribly as they age and yes you may have some cuttings) look brilliant next to the hot pink pelargoniums...
...and a bit of lime and blue calm things down, courtesy of Tradescantia 'Sweet Kate'. 
No I don't know who Kate is or was. Do you know who John Tradescant was? You might look them up -  elder and younger.

The pink hollyhock has volunteered under the orange tree...
...and as it does not get enough sun it's lying down. Makes things more convenient for the snails.

Canna 'Tropicana' has the most amazing leaves - huge, tropical (hence the cultivar name) they come up tight and unroll into striped flags.

A little pale peach at the end of the bed just to calm things down. Don't want to leave visitors with jangled nerves.
Somehow they all play well together. 

What if they didn't play well together? What would a 'Runs with scissors' garden look like? 

My next project. Any ideas?

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