Friday, July 15, 2011

Night At The Museum

"Mommy, why do the floors make so much noise?' asked Sam. The wood floors rumbled and creaked as you walked across them.

He was a little freaked out by the house - it's 400 years old, filled with dour portraits of ancestors glaring down from the walls. It's attached to the older house that was abandoned after the flood. Not Noah, but not much later.  We are living in a museum and it takes some getting used to.

There is a grand marble entry filled with bikes and children...
...a kitchen divided into two funky little rooms...
...each with its own sink.
Why? Staff. Who cares about a big modern eat-in kitchen when you have staff?

There is a huge breakfast room...
...and a dining room that's officially computer central. It's the only place you get wi-fi, now so essential but not part of the plan when the house was built. 41 wi-fi devices by my count.
"The floors make noise, Sam, because they are old and they have lots of stories to tell," said his mother. 

Sam was also freaked out by the painted ceiling in his room. 

"Look how beautiful it is, Sam. It will bring you beautiful dreams." 

It worked. Sweet dreams.

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