Saturday, May 29, 2010

girls getaway

Went to Cathy's in Carmel...

(no, that's not her house, it's the Carmel Mission, silly.)

(this is her house)

 ...with some amazing women...
...and since it was raining and everyone but me is a whiz at puzzles, we spent some time preventing Alzheimer's.

Joanne is the most amazing spatial thinker. Melody has a gift for making you feel so proud of the smallest accomplishments. Ellen has the most incredible perspective on the world, and such a comfortable way of moving through it - you smile just being near to her. And Cathy is the most gracious hostess and has so many fun ideas. I had never been away with the girls before; I could have stayed for years. We hiked, we did yoga in the parking lot at Spyglass and entertained the golfers, we cooked and laughed and sat by the fire and drank champagne and told stories. And made memories. Good friends are a gift.


  1. Happy she had fun away but I was glad to have her back.

    The Husband.

  2. Jill, I added a whole new layer of fun and enjoyment to my memories of our time in Carmel just reading about it in you charming prose.

    PS I've never posted a comment on a blog before!!!
    This is Melody, not Jordan. He somehow took over my computer.