Monday, June 21, 2010


Had a fantabuolous dinner at Michelin one star Commis on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland - our friends Charlotte and Bruce invited us - we began with:

a farm egg in an onion cream. Yum.  Look what happened - 

then on to salad of blistered zucchini and asparagus...

...grilled scallops...

...and monkfish with borage...

followed by chilled cream of white peach with lemon verbena, boysonberry and champagne snow...

...and a lovely cheese course. If you're not calling for a reservation you're not paying attention. GO! It is tiny and sweet and fantastic. Commis. Check out the current menu. Get a babysitter and a reservation. And have a lovely evening.

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  1. An amazing meal, and even better company! Thanks for posting the photos and giving me wonderful foodie memories, Jill!