Monday, June 28, 2010

Slammed Into Summer

From "Brrr, I need a jacket" to "It's too hot to breathe!" in one day. Not going into the garden - I am wilted, I can only imagine the poor plants drooping and panting (yes plants breathe - a mature oak can respire 50 gallons of water on a hot day. And you thought you sweated. Trot out this fact next time you find yourself too popular at a cocktail party.)

So! shoe time! These are my favorites for summer...

Air Bria and summer nubuck. All are from Cole Haan, squishy soft and comfortable - from wonderful Tony in the San Francisco store. 

He will find you the last pair on earth, he will find thing you didn't know you needed, he will never shove you into something you know isn't right for you. He has shoe ESP. Go - they are having a sale! and it's too hot to do anything else. 

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