Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

There is a concrete wall in my garden. Right next to the pool, of course. I have thought about painting it French blue to match the trim on my house. I thought about tiling, letting the kids paint it with handprints. Frank Lloyd Wright said, "Doctors can bury their mistakes; architects can only advise their clients to plant vines." So I have planted.
Vinca 'Illumination' trails down the wall, and I have high hopes for the salmon sweet pea next to the ball finial. I also find something architectural can distract you from the uglies - this finial is from Haddonstone. Expensive and worth every penny. Check them out.

Because my garden is on a hillside I have lots of stairs. My favorites are made of stone, built by Manny and Huber...

They build the most wonderful dry stack walls too. I complain about not having a level garden in my book, Postcards From The Hedge, but I have a view, and my friends who visit envy the change in terrain. And the stairs are lovely...and they look good no matter what the plants are doing.  

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