Monday, June 1, 2015

R2D2 In The Loo

Okay, you've all seen those Toto toilets - you know, the ones that look like a flat topped pod from a spaceship?  And that automatically put the seat down?  And have so many wash options they remind you of doing laundry?  

You ain't seen nothin' yet.  

At the Grand Hyatt in Tokyo you don't need a night light - when you walk into the potty closet, the toilet makes funny little R2D2 noises, a blue light comes on that suffuses the room with a warm blue glow, and the lid goes up.  Seriously, it looks happy to see you.  Ready for anything.

At home we have one chrome lever - these things have a keypad that looks like it needs launch codes.
You can set the temperature.  You can choose a wash location.  You can adjust the water temperature.  Oh, and it launches all by itself, if you get my drift.   As you walk away.  Just in case you forgot.  Or are on your know you don't want to share that noise.  

I am not sharing photos of the actual loo - I have standards - but you can see them on the Toto link above.  They use less water than ours, they are way more sano and way more fun - and in Japan even the tiny inns (Ryokans) that don't have beds, or chairs (yes you heard me right - more on that later) have these high tech....well, you know what they are.  But not with the blue light.  And the happy noises.

I have a friend whose son has these in his house, and she said "The only problem is when the power goes out."  I didn't think of that.  Maybe I'll get a generator too.