Friday, June 18, 2010

Breakfast in Tuscany

Sigh. I am dreaming of being in Tuscany.
We rented a house a few years ago, near Sarteano. The view from the top story was just like this. And being south of Sienna, few tourists ventured there. Most stay on the well-traveled route between Florence and Sienna. But we had been to Locanda dell Amorosa ...

...on our fabulous Butterfield and Robinson biking trip in Tuscany, and had been captivated by the quiet, the small lanes, the sleepy towns full of Tuscans not tourists. Finding those quiet lanes and towns is a B&R specialty. Finding a house to rent and friends to share it was a stroke of luck.

There is a hotel, Sette Querce nearby, Restaurante Daniela (too small and simple to have a website, but oh that food!) is just a few steps up the hill from the hotel, and a world-class restaurant, Mondo X  in a former 12th century monastery is within driving distance. Take your GPS and go! Mondo X is worth any amount of trouble. Charming, quirky, whimsical, delightful - check out the sinks in the women's room (can't you just see the nuns washing up there?) and the passageway to the dining room.  And the meal was unexpected, unusual, delightful delicious...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

I am going off to fix breakfast and eat in my garden. But I am dreaming of breakfast in Tuscany.

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