Friday, August 13, 2010

Pent Up Posts

So this what happened to my poor peach tree...

I have not learned how to stick a photo in an iphone post. But I will.

It may be heaven, with fabulous scenery, but  Tuolumne has no wi-fi...
Communal dining. Communal bathrooms. And you know my idea of camping is a French restaurant with the windows open. Yet here I am.

No heat except for a wood stove that takes about two hours to heat up - it gets warm just as the sun heats up your cabin. No AC. You can see your breath in the morning before you rise, and without a warm fuzzy hat sleep is an iffy thing. 
Four lakes in four days...
This one is called Hidden Lake.
Michael and two friends joined us to hike up to Gaylor Lake. You start at almost 10,000 feet. Then you go up. Straight up. Gasping for air. But the wildflowers are stunning.
A small friend in the water at Hidden Lake...Danger Rave tells us he is an aquatic garter snake, and very shy.
One fantastic day of fishing after three days of thinking about taking up needlepoint and sacrificing flies to the trees. At Elizabeth Lake (close enough for a family walk and a picnic and oh so beautiful!) The water was so clear (and my glasses so polarized) I could see the fish swim by, see them think. See them lunge for my fly and then dance across the water on their tails as I pulled them in. And see them dart for the shadows as I let them go. Well, not all of them...
  A happy fisherman. 

Stickery socks.

Velvet black sky with stars so close they scrape the tree tops. Cool breezes making the trees talk. The sound of the river lulling you to sleep - the cold waking you. Sheets that side off the plastic mattress when you turn over. As close to heaven as I have been.
If you can’t be happy here perhaps you can’t be happy anywhere.

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