Sunday, February 13, 2011

Left over Lemons

A bunch of people asked what I do with the lemons left over from zesting for Limoncello. Honestly, you can comment and I will respond! This is what I did:
My friend Jane gave me this juicer - it's fabulous! Check out Willimas-Sonoma for a variety of juicers - remember, margarita season is almost upon us. So with the help of this handy dandy juicer I juiced...and juiced...
..and I froze the juice in these nifty silicon ice cube trays from Sur La Table.

When they were solid I dumped them into ziplocks, and I will have fresh(ish) lemon juice no matter what my lemon trees are up to. To add to soups, to zip up steamed vegetables, to drizzle over grilled fish, to mix with melted butter and dip asparagus.
Come for lemonade in the garden. We can sit under the buckeye and watch the leaves unfurl. The daphne is blooming and it smells heavenly. 

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