Sunday, August 11, 2013

n + 1

It's the number of bikes you need, n being the number you have now.   Always one more.

This zippy equation (makes you feel smarter already, doesn't it?) is brought to you courtesy of Dan Harvey, our neighbor and uber-cyclist.  The Danimal, his team mates call him.  Also Danorexic.   You have to be thin if you want to be really fast.  He is.  And he spends an inordinate amount of time on his bike.  I mean his bikes.

His garage looks like a branch of the local bike shop, bikes lined up neatly in rows.  Lots of bikes.  In fairness, some probably belong to the kids (perhaps the ones with the tiny tires?) and one may even be his wife's.  But he's approaching double digits in his own bikes, and still...n + 1.

He's also fast on his feet.  He brought up the topic, and the equation, over dinner in the garden.  If you've been paying attention you've probably noticed that a lot of stuff happens over dinner in our garden.  We all got the impression that Leann thinks she has to pick her way past quite enough bikes just to get the groceries and the kids in the back door, and another bike is not what's required here.  In fact her equation would probably be n minus 1...or 2.  But Dan had his eye on a sleek new mountain bike, and so he trotted out the equation on support of his position.  And after a bit of rosé we could see his point.

My vice is not bikes.  I have one Colnago I am inordinately attached to.  Physically as well as mentally, if all is going well.  Not really in the market for another bike, altho that new Colnago C50 with the fancy paint job is pretty slick...But apply the equation to shoes and you have my full support.

When we took the kids home the other night after pizza (yes, in our garden) they proudly pointed out their dad's fizzy new mountain bike.  And it is beautiful...I felt faster just looking at it.  It's thick and curvy and sexy, with a paint job that looks like it crawled off a poster from a 60's head shop.  But it's part of the n now.

Can't wait to see what the next + 1 will be.

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