Sunday, November 10, 2013


He paints in his garage.  He's in a bunch of well-known museums and collections.  We were lucky enough to buy a painting before they climbed out of our price range.  For him painting is as necessary as breathing.  His name is Joe Loria - check him out.
I thought about him as I was sketching.  I've been thinking a lot about the need to create.

I had a gift tag craft day at my house...
Friends came, brought lunch to share, glittered and stickled and laughed and amazed me with their creativity.  
Girls rock.  My girlfriends rock.  
Especially the ones (hello Ellen) who said they were not creative, and then made the most beautiful and unusual things.  (I took notes.)
It's worth a closer look:
I have a pile of gift tags, I am covered in glitter, and I have a kitchen (and a head) full of happy memories.

So when you get a beautiful hand-made gift tag from a friend, I hope you'll save it.   A lot of love and heart went into making it. 

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