Friday, January 24, 2014

South Beach

We took off before dawn
and were in South Beach as the sun set.  A cold late-in-the-day beach is a melancholy thing
even with cheerily painted lifeguard huts.
I think this is the South Beach equivalent of Fisherman's Wharf
with a little twist.  
Actually a big twist. 
He was gorgeous, and he could rock those heels!  Teenage girls wobbling along, take note.

It was a circus.  Don't eat there, but it's great for people watching...
We're staying right in the thick of things at the Lord Balfour (thank you Edward and Paula) in the words and wire hotel.  
Arthur Balfour was Prime Minister before WWII.  (Great Britain - this was before they lost the Empire.) Weak and ineffective as PM, he was a colleague of Clement Attlee who Winston Churchill famously called "A sheep in sheep's clothing."  Balfour gets more respect here.  His words are everywhere, on the ceiling, 
on the bathroom mirrors.  Art everywhere, everyone in the lobby on their ipads and computers.  Young.  Dressed in the Hip Techie uniform - all black.  It's fun.  I feel a hundred years old.  Off to find some old people - I know they're here!

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