Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Life Skills

I asked my friend Maryam (who is very wise and irreverent) what life skills she thinks we all need.  She said "Plumbing! and Electrical!  Why don't they teach those in school?"

Good point.  Everyone in my family can patch drywall, wield a pipe wrench (and yes there is a right and a wrong way).   We can take apart a drain trap, pound a nail.  Straight.  Paint a room, complete with cutting in straight.  Re-wire a lamp, replace a light switch.

I grew up thinking everyone could.  Not so much.

I asked Maryam "What about being able to back down a bully?" and she immediately said "That is the most important of all."  

I agree.  I work on that most days.  Life gives me lots of opportunities.  Alas.

And one more - how to swim.  If you don't have this one when you need it,  you won't be needing all those other life skills.

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