Friday, June 13, 2014

June Postcard From The Hedge

I promised, and I always keep my promises - so here is the to-do list for June courtesy of Sloat Nursery.  Check them out, sign up for their newsletter.  Shop there.   They have the most delicious plants - and the most delicious photos on their website.  

Remember - you vote with your wallet every day; you only vote by ballot every couple of years.  Vote often.  Vote local.

June to-do list from Sloat Garden Centers


  • Warm season annuals are here! Plant zinnias, salvias, cosmos, lisianthus, portulaca.
  • Plant herbs for use in the kitchen. Re-seed greens, cabbages and kales.


  • Your spring plantings are getting hungry. Feed with all-purpose fertilizers such as E.B. Stone Organics and Maxsea.
  • Feed your lawn with high nitrogen organic fertilizer like Nature’s Green Lawn Food.


  • Continue to deadhead roses, shrubs and other flowers with a new pair of Felco pruners to encourage new blooms.
  • Mulch shrubs and beds to conserve moisture. Try GreenAll Microbark for its beauty and utility.
  • Make sure vegetables are supported with cages, stakes or trellises.
  • Check early-bearing fruit trees for heavily laden branches. Thin fruits now to prevent branches from breaking. Harvest vegetables to keep them producing.

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