Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Has Sprung

"Spring has sprung, the grass has riz
I wonder where the flowers is?"

It's a family tradition to recite that poem in spring, the origin of the tradition and the author of the poem lost in time.  And what a spring this is!  Cool overcast mornings, perfect for a cup of tea and a trip around the garden to collect a bouquet.  Warm afternoons when I swear you can actually see the flowers opening.  Cool evenings, the hummingbirds dive-bombing and the acorn woodpeckers squabbling on the feeders.

 So for my friends who are shivering under a blanket of snow, here's what's blooming in my garden now. 

Crabapples are at their peak, the hot pink buds opening into the most delicate white flowers,
 Elizabeth, the yellow magnolia, her flowers brilliant against the blue sky (unless you get up too early as I did and the sky is still grey ...)
Pink jasmine coats the fence, and perfumes my bedroom.
Lemons spill their sweet scent, the trees covered with fruit and flowers at the same time.  Go figure.
 The last of the narcissus are nodding near the birdbath,
their yellow made stronger by the contrast of the Spanish bluebells.

 Ian's peach tree is full of promise.  If we get any water, I predict a bumper crop.  Big if.
Chinodoxa have spread into a low blue carpet,
 Primrose and forget-me-nots have happily seeded together
 The white wisteria on the side of the garage smells like the Orient - sweet, sandalwoody, exotic.
Heuchera and forget-me-nots carpet the shade,
 and there are so many blooms on the loropetalum it's almost boring...almost.
And the weird red cones of the melianthus major stand out against its toothed grey leaves.  You would think something that looks this butch would be tough, and deer resistant.  

You would be wrong.

I know I'll be sad when it's baking hot and there is no water, and I will think with envy of those friends who garden where it rains in summer.   But right now?  Right now it's glorious, and I am so happy.


  1. So pretty. I also sneezed six times while reading this. Why does looking at pictures of flowers in the spring trigger my allergies?! xoxo