Wednesday, June 5, 2019


It was, for about a hundred years, the city of popes.  
When there were multiple popes.  The protestants may be dour,  the Catholics are never boring.  The famous bridge of song - 
 Where would the tour guides take you if there were no partially fallen bridge?   And sometimes the most intriguing photos are accidental... 
We know about Nespresso for breakfast - 

 But we didn't know it was for the shower too.  This is a bit confusing...
 When you're jet lagged and you see this in the shower you want to open your mouth and tip your head back.  
Check out the flavors - bad idea.  Fortunately, thankfully, we have yet to encounter a hotel room without a Nespresso machine.

The fountains:

The markets.  Open air, of course.

I want to sit down on the sidewalk and pour olive oil over the garlic - and eat it.  I settle for a box of strawberries and some crunchy unripe apricots.  

The spices - the hats.  

 There is a proven├žal version of paella..  Ish. I'm pretty sure the Spanish don't use bean sprouts. 
And the most delicious roast chickens.  I wonder - if I lived here would I ever cook?  Or just eat fresh from the market?
When we finally climb aboard our very luxurious ship, the S.S. Catherine, we are greeted by a terrifying chandelier.  I was looking for a new one for the kitchen - not this one.    It would give me nightmares.  

Sweet Dreams.

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