Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I have been seduced. By a yellow hose at Navlet's. I know, I know, in lectures and articles I have railed against loud hoses, against the seasick green of most hoses - who thought that color up? and has he ever actually been in a garden? and against rubber hoses in general - they are too heavy, when dragged across the garden they do a bit of amateur bulldozing, making a hash of your newly planted lettuce bed. I know better than to let it loose in my garden, and yet I am ignoring my own advice.

I picked it up and put it down. I walked out of the store, and I almost made it to my car. I went back - I could not resist the siren song of that yellow garden hose. It comes in red, too...but I was smitten by the yellow.

It looks great in the back of my car. We will have to see how it looks in the garden. I suspect it will migrate around a bit before settling into a permanent home - like so many of the plants in my garden.

What's next - gnomes? I shudder to think.

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