Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm trying to beat the rain and finish the stairs at the Mother's Day patio (that story is in my book. Postcards From The Hedge - out March 20th. On Amazon). I had put in a wonky staircase just so we could get to the compost, but I built it when we were exhausted from building the had to crab-walk up the stairs. Carefully. Not in heels. Put a crimp in the cocktail-hour garden circuit.

When I stumbled a few days while dragging the hose down, I got mad. And scared. So today I took the claw and tore the staircase apart and re-built it using the stair formula. (Twice the rise plus the tread = 28 inches.)

Now you can come visit and you won't have to crab-walk! You can wear heels, and drink wine, and comment on how the hellebore have never been more stunning, and isn't the loropetalum lovely? but don't come until it quits raining - it's getting dark at noon and the wind is howling - I think there's a storm front coming.

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