Monday, September 20, 2010

Dog Days

Her name is Alice, but out of respect for Mrs. White we call her Ally.
She is a rescue - Part Jack Russell, part Basenji and probably something else. She is scared, snuggly, soft as a bunny.  And she chose us.

We went to get Adam, her brother, and she came up and gave us kisses. We took them both home...
...but it was twice as much dog as we could handle. I now understand the expression "herding cats." Herding puppies - same deal. Confusion, exhaustion, exasperation. Lots of shuns. 

So Adam has a new family and we have Ally. Actually she has us, to be more precise.  After all, she picked us.

Every falling leaf gets pounced on from a great height, chewed, then abandoned for the next leaf. Fall should be a laugh riot around here. We have two huge old oak trees - I expect Ally to be very busy. And tired. 


  1. Alice is very cute. Also well trained and calm, not.

  2. Oh Jill ... they are adorable puppies...what better home than have the biggest heart...Hugs,Barbara Norkus