Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rockridge Market Hall

So easy to get to I wonder why I don't go more often.

I go there when I need something special - really fabulous sherry vinegar, cheeses for a party, the freshest fish. 

Unusual flowers. No time to go to the SF Flower Market? No problem. 

It's a collection of stores and restaurants. No one I know can name them all - but the restaurant, Olivetto, everyone knows. It is beautiful, full of light, unusual, delicious.Try their handmade pastas. Try the ones with whole grains. It is one of owner Robert Klein's passions and he will change the world. He's that kind of guy. 

And if they have it try the Porchetta. Last weekend they were roasting them on the street. Crisp and succulent with a spicy sauce on a roll. I can still remember the delicious surprise of sweet, hot and salty melting in my mouth. I probably still have grease on my chin. I am definitely still smiling.

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