Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ron Morgan and Loot

I took two friends and went to a class at Loot in Lafayette. Ron Morgan, author, lecturer, storyteller, flower arranger, decorator, genius and one of the funniest guys around gives Monday classes. Sign up - they sell out in a heartbeat. From a pile of sticks and seeds...

He creates the most beautiful things. He will change the way you look at flowers, at your garden, at your neighbor's garden (his stories about cutting from other peoples' gardens will have you holding your sides). This was his contemporary class, and while I prefer big jumbled mixed up bouquets I came home inspired. A few of his creations...
he recommends placing these facing into a mirror. Who'd think of that?
The pile of sunflowers becomes this - 
This rather hideous vase is transformed...
...into this.
into this.

Apples and amaryllis (and red twig dogwood)
Two fig leaves and a few green calla lilies
Start with some cranberries
and add a few flowers - add candles if you like. Instant Holiday.
His shop is full of wondrous things
displayed in color-coordinated vignettes.
I have a thing for this color green
and when I got home I found a huge praying mantis (very pregnant) exactly this shade of green on the leg of my ladder. I moved her to the garden - I hope her babies will be happy in my garden and stay.
Ron tells the story of going to lecture somewhere in the south. He had agreed the ladies would bring their own containers and he would tell them how to arrange in their containers. One sweet little old lady in a Chanel suit and Ferragamo pumps came up with a container dripping with brightly colored ceramic fruit and cherubs. She said "Mistuh Morgan, this has been in my family foah generations.  What should I do with it?" 

Ron took one look and said "Just drop it and break it, honey. That is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!"

Go see Ron Morgan.  Take a friend. Prepare to laugh. Take your checkbook, for there will be something you will want to take home (besides the charming and adorable Mr Morgan). 

Where else can you get up close and personal with a world class talent?

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