Saturday, January 29, 2011

search me!

My friend Leslie set me up with a new gadget and now you can search my blog! so if you're looking for a recipe or a rant...or a plant, now you can find it. 

She came over because her router was down. I know it is serious but really I am the plant and cooking person not the tech weenie and I have only a vague idea what one is. But it was great to have her in the house, and I learned some things.

1. It's great to have someone you love in your house. Even if you're not talking, if you're doing separate things. Note to self - do this more.

2. Ask for help. 

3. Repetitive tasks go faster with conversation. One that bounces all over the universe (planet not big enough) and makes you laugh and think. I was making Limoncello at the time...

...zesting four dozen lemons...
thank goodness for the Microplane zester!

and shaking the zest into a big jug...
of Everclear. I made Limoncello with vodka last year but apparently vodka lends some flavor - the purists disapprove. 

Wonder what they will think of the 5 vanilla beans I plan to add to the next batch? 

It is resting peacefully in the pantry for 45 days...and it looks like a jewel. The rest of the recipe to follow.

Thank you Leslie - I will think of your intelligence and wit and gentle spirit ever time I sip Limoncello. And as I know there is another fan in your family, you can expect regular infusions of Limoncello.


  1. It was a treat to hang with you, Jill. Thanks for your hospitality!

  2. Lynn here. Yum, Limoncello, we have just got a taste for it, learned about it from a Sicilian friend. Lovely!! I will try making it one day. Thanks Jill!!!

    And thanks Leslie for making Jill's day. I miss you Jill!!