Sunday, March 6, 2011

Forts and Fish Markets

(a post that didn't get sent because of the slooooow internet)

The first night there was a woman with a cough. The second night three or four people were coughing. Today it is a full-fledged epidemic and I have a raw throat, a croaky voice and no energy. Jane is sick too. Wally goes off with the troops on a long bus ride to see yet another fort, yet another souk. I’m souked out, I sleep all day on the boat.

I’ve been reading about all the things there are to do here that we are not doing because we’re going to another fort, another fish market. Taking more pictures from more parking lots.
There is snorkeling, kayaking, deep sea fishing, birdwatching. Sailing, windsurfing. Caving. Zip lining into potholes. Wadi bashing in four-wheel drives. 
Camel riding, star gazing in the desert. Dinner in the desert in a Bedouin encampment. Traditional music and costumes, and the reasons behind. How to wrap your head dress.
Cooking lessons - how do they make that fabulous hummus? What are the typical spices? Dates! We rarely see a date - there must be a date market, a date ranch, a date farmer somewhere around here. How about it?
 There are UNESCO world heritage sites everywhere, existing or proposed. At this point we’re not picky. Just please no more forts or fish markets. The last one was quite smelly and off-putting. And since were not getting to eat the lovely lobster and shrimp please don’t tease us. 

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