Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleeping at the Duty Free Hotel

We spent the (short) night before our flight home at the Dubai International Hotel. So weird, makes so much get off your plane and instead of exiting the secure area there's a hotel just above the gates and the duty-free shopping. Some decent restaurants...

...this one with an ipad menu. First time I've seen that (not the last I'm sure).

Good wines... a case I wish I had on the back wall of my dining room. Check out the ladder.

The hotel was modern, comfortable, roomy and functional. And saved us at least two hours of taxis and waiting in lines.

And surprisingly quiet. We popped out of bed and headed to the gate right at boarding time. No security lines, no dragging your luggage around; it was checked through. This is an idea that's bound to catch on. Tho the views from your window are a bit strange...

Duty Free shopping and departure gates. Works for me.

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