Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Almost there...

So much almost in bloom! Dogwoods...

...and white Wisteria.

The bluebells that make sheets of blue in Sylvia's garden have spread across my garden too - 

thank you Sylvia for sharing. I am happy to share with you too.

The quince my mom got me for my birthday was moved last year and I thought it would die. Today it is covered in sweet white cups and luscious green leaves. 

On our walk yesterday Ally and I ran into a friend who was exclaiming over the lily-of-the-valley...except they were allium. White, invasive, perfect for a tough spot that gets no summer water. Lily-of-the-valley don't thrive here - too hot. But not yet. I need a coat in the morning, a tank top at midday and it is too cold for cocktails in the garden.  It will be stinking hot later, but these are the days I leave the windows open day and night and rejoice that my parents had the good sense to leave Hardin, Montana and move here. Thanks mommy.

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