Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Details

Apparently there is a kerfuffle over German Chocolate Cake - it is in fact German's Chocolate Cake, and the original recipe is on the Kraft website.

Megan McArdle, a writer for The Atlantic, has the story. Anybody remember cake walks at school fairs? I can't remember exactly how they worked but they were a sort of musical squares with your choice of a cake for a prize. When the cakes were gone the game was over. My sister Debbie and I would pick our favorite cakes, and hope our parents won before that cake was gone.

Mom and dad always picked the German (more properly German's) Chocolate Cake. We were kids - we hated coconut, so I always wished they'd picked something else. Now I'm actually thinking about making the Original German's Chocolate Cake.

With all the strife in the world and this country bickering about ideals while we slide toward financial and social ruin, it's nice to know someone's paying attention to the details. Thank you Megan.

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