Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Not the way I'd planned to come home...
I think I set the record for the shortest B&R trip. On a lovely sailboat...
...for four hours. There were some stairs. In the dark. No lights, no white stripe, no warning to be careful of them. I looked down before I stepped forward to take a photo. Impossible to see, and now I have a broken foot and ankle. 27 hours to get home - that's torture when you're well! 

Croatia is beautiful,
 the sea just right for swimming
see? sea.
The old fortified city in Dubrovnik is car-free, pale limestone, polished cobbles,
An inviting harbor
weird and wonderful yachts
 too big for the harbor they hover offshore
There are pirate ships
and the ship of broken dreams...and ankles, the Nostra Vita, a Turkish Gullet. 
At least we have some good memories....
Too few. So sad. 

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