Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Road Less Travelled

We head out early in the morning, before it gets to be 90 degrees, before the mosquitoes are fully awake (we hope) and ride along the banks of the Adige.

Exploring, we chose the roads less travelled. Which sometimes leads to retracing our steps, or even (brace yourselves)
  checking the map. Whoo hoo!

In the tiny town of Carpi (think Capri spelled sideways), a town one block long with only one restaurant, Wally finds a Slow Food restaurant, Antica Trattoria Bellinazzo. 
Wally definitely has restaurant radar. The owner, Danielle, breaks out a bottle of his homemade beer. He only made ten bottles so don't get your hopes up, but he has other great hand-made local beers. We have a fabulous lunch of prosciutto dolce, cimbro, a local cheese made nowhere else and served shaved into a tiny frilly ice cream cone shape, a salami that melts in your mouth called stortina veronese, and a risotto made by Danielle's grandmother with parmigiano and cinnamon. Heaven.
Off to nap thru the heat of the day, or as Danielle calls it, un reposo. 

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  1. I wanted to take Dave there tonight but we were wiped after a long day in Verona. Instead we got more pizza and watched the local Feast of Mary parade.