Thursday, September 22, 2011

More Notes from the Road

Some of my favorite things about Provence:

The paella at the market in Aix. French fast food. From the biggest paella pan I've ever seen. Beats the heck out of McDonald's, doesn't it?
Sundown. My favorite time of day anywhere, here the evening light glows golden on stone houses in narrow streets.

 Streets designed for cars and fire engines don't have this charm. Where I live form does not follow function, form follows parking. Everything is designed around the almighty automobile. Or the almighty fire truck. I suppose if your house is on fire and the fire department can't get down your street you'd go for a bit less charm...but only for a moment. 
The B&R picnics. In the most charming locations. One guide was so attentive she took Larry's shoes to the picnic so he wouldn't have to wear his slippery biking shoes.
Only one problem: how is he supposed to get to the picnic?

The red houses of Rousillon. With contrasting car. They may not run but they are clearly what the well-heeled Provencal is driving...or decorating his driveway with... 

The tree-lined streets. Why can't we do this?
The occasional unexpected companion.
As we rode past the goats, Wally took a sniff and said "That explains the cheese!"

I loved the farms...
...and the clusters of dead snails on every weed stalk and fencepost. 
Seems a terrible waste in the land of escargot. But at least they're not eating my garden.

Tasting wine with Dennis McAuliffe, the only American sommalier in France...
...who is very entertaining. 
Did I mention we also learned some stuff?
The music...
...the dancing...
...and the local color. 


  1. Aren't you two cute?! Have you figured out how to import one of those paella pans? You could turn it into something fun for the garden or house.