Saturday, September 10, 2011

To Market, To Market, to buy a fat fig

We seem to hit every town on market day. In Bedoin Wally refused to wheel our bikes thru the throngs, but in Vaison La Romain we are on foot and we go exploring.

Locals actually do their marketing here - 
It's an odd mix of plastic shoes, cheap souveniers, and the most incredible produce...
Fragrant melons, tempting salumis...
The spices draw us down a side street
...where we find burlap bags of olives...
lined with plastic I hope. Who wants fuzzy olives? 
and a New Orleans-style band. A local couple begin to spin, laughing and twirling. 
What a great idea!

And we finally find out where the star anise that flavors every dish - and I do mean every dish - comes from.
Enough already!

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