Friday, May 17, 2013


Our Italian class came over for dinner a few nights ago -it was a potluck in the garden.  An Italian potluck in the garden.  Highly recommended.  Much less stress for the hosts, fabulous new recipes.  Laughter, stories, more laughter.  What's not to like?

Margaret was standing in the kitchen leaning against the counter, talking to Barbie about multi tasking.  I was taking lasagna out of the oven, pulling serving spoons out of a drawer, only half listening.  Until I heard her say: "Hey, when I sneeze, I pee.  And if that's not multi-tasking, I don't know what is."

We all cracked up.

It's good to have friends.  It's great to have friends who bring dinner.  And Gina Stearly's Italian class - it's the best.  Here's to you.  

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