Monday, April 29, 2013

Fight. Love Live.

That's what Filoli means - in abbreviated form.  One of the last preserved estates from the age of wide open spaces (if you weren't living in a NY tenement, like some of my ancestors), it's in Woodside and well worth a visit.  Or several; it changes thru the seasons.  I'll drive.
The volunteers are known as the Crumbs of the Upper Crust.  The tulips, underplanted with forget-me-nots or pansies are stunning.  

The wheelbarrow on the path adds humility - this didn't happen without a whole lot of human help.
The symmetry...
the children, their eyes wide with wonder.

and the friends who will go to any fabulous garden (or garden shop!) at any time.  
I am a most fortunate person.  I adore you all.  

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