Monday, April 22, 2013

You Say It's Your Birthday...

My friend Sylvia had a significant birthday - I won't tell you which one, but I'll give you a hint:  she's over forty.  Not that she looks over forty; not a wrinkle, she is beautiful and elegant and warm and funny, and her party - in her garden - was just like her.  I was honored to be included.

A few days before her birthday, Alice and I made a mad pre-dawn dash to the Flower Market - and by pre-dawn I mean not long after midnight, when all sensible people (including husbands) are in REM sleep, we were swigging strong hot tea from plastic sippy cups and remarking on the lack of traffic as we breezed into the city.

I'm not sure how long it took to get in - I was too sleepy to raise my arm and look at my watch - and i was driving - but I know we got home in 35 minutes.  Alice told me.

At the Flower Market I usually head straight for Torchio, then make a beeline for the espresso bar and high-tail it home.  But Alice knows who has the best Galax leaves, the cheapest broccoli hydrangeas, the mossiest orchids.  I didn't even know what a galax leaf was before I met Alice - bet you don't either.    So we ducked in and out of tiny shops, one selling only tropical leaves, one only bare branches.  One was just gladiolus, one carnations in colors not known in nature.  And they all knew her by name.

We were finished and back on the road before first light - Leslie says the magic is over when the sun comes up, and she is right.

Sylvia's daughter and daughter-in-law planned the party and made it warm and wonderful.  I had the privilege of doing the flowers for the birthday party.   Tiffany at Rosecrest Events put the party together.  And she sent me the most beautiful photo of my flowers...

It was a magical day.    

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