Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Plethora of Peaches

Growing fruit seems like such a good idea - until I'm laying down reading and hear the squirrels fighting with the blue jays over the peaches.  

We got out the ladder - not tall enough.  Got out the tallest ladder we have - barely tall enough - and picked every last peach.  Take that, squirrels! 
Ian planted it from a pit from an especially delicious Farmer's Market peach.  It is the best peach I have ever tasted, despite the dire warnings about growing seeds from hybrids (things don't come true from seed).  I think this may be a rare case of the seedling being better than the parent (sorry Mom).

I blogged about it years ago - go look it up.  I'm tired from fighting the wildlife and climbing up and down the ladder.

And I'm here to tell you peaches do not come in fits and starts, but all at once.   Like a tsunami.  We must have a hundred pounds and they're all ripe right now.

I'm sharing.  Bring a bag.  Or two.

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