Saturday, August 23, 2014


A couple of years ago we took a bunch of friends to Tuolumne for Wally's birthday.  One friend took one look at his tent...
...and asked for one with an en suite bathroom.  Alas, not possible.  There aren't any.  But it is beautiful there.
Just spent almost two weeks hiking and fishing and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  Saw lots of wildlife:
Two legs and four.

Walking down the river we startled some deer...
Apparently they were not too startled, they weren't in any big hurry to leave. 
Scratch where it itches.  Good advice for man and beast.
Wonder if this is his way of letting us know what he thinks of us?
It's a magical place, and a part of my husband's history.  This was his 72nd summer there.  Thanks, sweetie.  Despite my aching hips (hard bed) and the odd shivering cold night, I wouldn't have missed it.  

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