Thursday, January 1, 2015

No Resolutions

Accomplishments.  Not resolutions.  I swear everyone  I know resolves to lose 5 pounds, to exercise more. 

And no one ever does. 

People resolve to spend more time with family, or less time with family, and more with friends.  To quit smoking, to finally start that novel.  And really?  If you wanted to, you would have done it by now. 

Nope, starting last year we are not setting ourselves up for failure, we are looking back at what we have accomplished during this year just past.  So here are some of mine:

I learned the words to Quizas.  In Spanish.  Thanks to my friend Delin who sang them all the way thru Cuba, who inspired me.  And I sing them - loudly - in my car.

I learned to understand Italian.  Despite feeling like a big dummy a lot of the time (not Gina's fault, she is a most encouraging teacher and celebrates every success, no matter how tiny) I stuck with Italian class.  Every Wednesday, rain, shine, or crutches.  And when we went to Lucca I realized I could understand the people walking down the street.  And at the table next to us in the restaurant.  I cried.  The lightbulb finally was on.  I am so proud of myself!

I lost my nerve.  And the tumor that was growing on it.  Hopefully now I can hike pain-free.  So glad I lost my nerve.

I learned not to let it go - I did something massively cringe-worthy humiliating, and I owned up.  It was hard.  It would have been so much easier to pretend it never happened, or it didn't matter.  But it did.  And I did not want to hurt my friend and not own up.   And I didn't want to live with a lie.  My lie. 

So I said I'm sorry. And a lot more.  And my friend forgave me.  Lucky me.

I learned to smile and nod.  Thank you Gossip Girls for pointing that out - I would have missed it.

I got more strips for my Jill Jar.  From the adorable Morris family.  They give me curled strips of beautiful paper with all the things they love about me.   Like "She makes even a cast/boot look chic,"and "She can teach a twelve year old how to make a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece."  
Not much teaching there, these girls are seriously talented.

And there are days when this jar saves my life.  Thank You Morrises.

I learned to sketch - again.  I learned to make really good chili.   And I learned what an Oxford comma is, and why it's needed.  Besides the Vampire Weekend song.

What did you do this year? 

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