Monday, February 23, 2015

The Food World Has Officially Gone Crazy

This just in from Eater:
"The world's number-one restaurant,  Noma, is now hosting a Club Monaco pop-up shop, finally answering the age-old question, 'What exactly does one wear when foraging for Danish hornet larvae?' The Wall Street Journal says in addition to selling clothing, the temporary boutique located inside Rene Redzepi's Copenhagen restaurant is also hawking 'a curated assortment of goods, including vintage books from New York's Strand bookstore, woven art installations, and handcrafted wooden yurts made in Brooklyn' (really though)."

Even for this food-crazed foam-infested sous-vide snobbery infused world, this seems a bit much.

Now you can get a yurt alongside your Beef Tartare and Ants, or your Cucumber and Scallop Fudge.  As if a restaurant that features all these, along with Reindeer Moss and mushrooms isn't weird enough. 

Enough, already.

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