Sunday, May 31, 2015

Alphabet Soup

CT Scan
All in less than two hours, all for less than $500.  All at the local regional hospital.  Why can't we have this kind of health care?

On Wednesday Wally took some spills.  Skinned up, but we finished the ride.  The next day he was having some balance issues, so on the advice of the hotel manager, Jiro Takeuchi (who stayed with us every step of the way)
we went to the hospital to get him checked out.  
In style.

The good news: no abnormalities.  The bad news: concussion.  confusion.  balance is off.  dehydrated.

Being Wally, he is bloodied but unbowed. 
Thank goodness we were staying at the fabulous Kayotei Ryokan in Yamanaka.  Thank goodness we had our own On-sen (mineral spa) on our beautiful deck.
Home soon - updates after we see some of Wally's doctors.  But for now we are stumbling around Kyoto, and it's beautiful. 

One really cool thing:  the paramedics and the ER staff write your answers to their medical questions on their gloves.  So cool.  So smart.  So practical.

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