Sunday, July 11, 2010

Perception is everything

So I went by Sloat Nursery today to get some Critter Ridder (don't ask but yes it works) and some True Blue for my half pink half blue fully confused hydrangeas, and I found myself coveting several plants, and wondering where I could find room.

this fabulous dahlia - Ellen are you listening?

Agave attenuata - fabulous in Santa Barbara, turns to slime here in the winter. Sigh.

A gorgeous giant pink mandevilla - larger flowers than the one I killed. Can't stand people who say "Oh, I had that but I lost it." No, you killed it. Show some backbone. Take some responsibility for your failures. Grow a brain.

Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum. Fancy name for a red grass - deciduous but we both know you don't go into the garden in the winter so what are you complaining about? And this one does not reseed like mad. DO NOT plant the regular pennisetum it will take over the world. Choking out native vegetation and all your expensive treasures. Pay attention - there will be a quiz.

A lotus in a tub...every garden could use some water...

...some scaevola (fan flower) to perk up the hottest parts of the summer garden...

...and thank goodness I ran into a friend trying to fit her treasures into her car. What was I thinking? I came home with three cans of Critter Ridder, two boxes of True Blue and a bad case of craving. But at least I'm not trudging around the garden with a shoehorn trying to find homes for all those lovely things. I will wait - something will die. And I will have a bit of room. It's not a catastrophe it's an opportunity. Perception is everything.

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