Monday, May 23, 2011

Thirty one jelly

Thirty one jars of jelly. Apple jelly with a little pomegranate thrown in for color (so it doesn't look like a urine sample). Eight jars at a time, because that's all the recipe makes, and because that's what fits in my water bath. 
My windows are still steamed up.
It was for a bridal shower - fall wedding; apple theme...

It's hot work and sooooooo much more fun to do with someone. Hi Cathy!
Cathy has incredible style and an eye for the details. Her parties are legendary - more later. And as long as we were cooking, why not carrot cupcakes for a friend who'd just had surgery?
So! The party: Gorgeous flowers...
...on every surface.
Delicious food, cool way of serving (I plan to steal this idea), happy tables with garden flowers. So spring.
Piles of presents for the bride-to-be...
...and a quiz. Do you know what a bain-marie is? A tagine? 

And could you identify these herbs and spices?

Mary Mac guessed hemlock  - and cannabis. Nope, all legal. Tasting and smelling helped, but even the person who put this together (a secret that will go with me to my grave - not soon I hope) mis-named a few. Safety tip: If you're going to taste the Chipotle chili, take a tiny taste. I can still see Stevie's face as she realized what she'd put in her mouth. 

I thought we were too old for games. Never! I felt like a little kid at a really fun birthday party. Girlfriends are the Best! 

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