Monday, May 2, 2011

Blue Spring

I have taken a major position in blue.
This is the iris that re-blooms - I have had it on my Thanksgiving table. But the year we had water rationing and I didn't feed (didn't want to have to keep all that new growth hydrated) it didn't re-bloom. So now I feed. Organic, E.B. Stone or Dr Earth please - feed the soil, the soil feeds the plants. 

It's not really this turquoise, but it's fragrant and spectacular.

There is a darker Tradescantia with lime green foliage - the lime makes the blue pop.

There is an Echium I got from Annie's Annuals hanging over the pool. She has seriously cool stuff, and she usually has an open house on Mother's Day. Check it out.

There is columbine from seeds given to me by dear Carol Read...

...and just when the blue seems too much there is a splash...

...of orange. This is Pat Austen, a David Austen rose. Like a splash of cool water for your eyes. Gertrude Jekyll, the fabulous English garden designer wrote about having a one-color garden, and how just a touch of the opposite color (on a color wheel, silly. You weren't paying attention in Art class, were you?) will make both colors more intense. But this is the height of spring, and even my mistakes look fabulous. I'll be digging them up later, and sweating and swearing. But not today. Today I'm breathless. It is too beautiful, cool and fresh. Go outside! 

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  1. Two third grade teachers at GVES enjoyed Pat Austen yesterday. Thank you!

    L's favorite are the summer snowflakes. T's favorite are the ones to the left of your front door. She calls them Dr. Seuss flowers.