Sunday, June 5, 2011

Emily's Botanica, or Letter Writing Is Not Dead

I keep hearing the letter is dead, replaced by tweeting and face book status (hmmmm, interesting chocice of words) but among my friends letter writing is a competitive sport. Okay, no one can match Des, her intellect, her erudition, her impeccable manners...and yes, that competitive spirit. And she Hand Makes her gift tags!!! 
...and ribbons!!! 
And don't get me started on her gift wrapping...and the gifts! Home made treats, lavish spa items from the finest stores, you know, the ones you haven't heard of yet? If Des is on it you can bet it will be the happening thing soon. A girl could get a complex.

But my friend Aileen sent me photos of the most luscious cards - 
Voluptuous roses. Sculptural iris. Chic pink blossoms that transport me instantly to Paris. 

I am ordering a bunch. For thank you notes, for hostess gifts, for birthdays and for cheering people up - like me. And best of all they are made by a friend of Aileen's, a lovely young woman who is just starting out. Emily Schmidt. Remember that name. You can thank me later.

Buy them for your friends. Tell your neighbors. Post on facebook.  Right now you can only get them thru:

Social media it up, kids, it's a chance to know about something really beautiful before everyone else catches on. And isn't shopping a competitive sport too?

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