Monday, September 9, 2013

To Do In The Garden

And while we're on the subject of year, here is the list of what needs doing in the garden at this time of year, courtesy of Sloat Garden Center.  Shop Local!  

This month in the garden at Sloat Garden Center: September

sep 2013

  • Watch for the arrival of all our spring bulbs. Shop early for the best selection.
  • Plan landscaping projects now. Think about walkways and flower/vegetable beds, as well as focal point shrubs and trees. Need guidance? Call Sloat’s Garden Design Department for expert advice.
  • Choose fall blooming pansies and other autumn color.
  • Plant fall vegetables such as kale, collard, spinach, arugula and lettuces.
  • Apply lawn fertilizer monthly with Nature’s Green Lawn Food.
  • Aerate compacted soil.
  • Containers, summer annuals and cool season annuals will enjoy monthly feeding at this time of year with Maxsea all-purpose fertilizer.
  • Keep the garden clean. Pick up fallen fruit to avoid pests and disease next year. Clean out plant debris. Prepare soil with Loam Builder for fall vegetable beds.
  • Mulch with Greenall Micro Bark to inhibit weeds and conserve moisture.
Now go out and plant something.  Preferably something from Sloat. 

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