Monday, September 15, 2014

It's Not What You Think

So I'm sure you were vastly amused by the story of me washing our clothes with bleach...well, it gets better.

At home, the automatic dishwashing soap comes in a little packet that you drop in the soap holder, and flip the flippy closed.   So that's what we did with our teensy automatic dishwasher.
We were on our second load of not very clean dishes when I saw two slightly rumpled but still tightly wrapped packets of soap lying on the bottom on the dishwasher.  Oops.  Now we unwrap them.  At least we're not washing the dishes with bleach.

All the comforts of home - an Apple computer:
(that only speaks Italian)

and a dryer that's a bit different than we're used to:
It's nearly as fast as my Fisher Paykel.  Since clotheslines are illegal where I live, I'm getting one.  
The kitchen is compact:
but has three coffee makers,

A tiny refrigerator, 
full of yummy things from the local shops. 
A minuscule freezer, maybe six inches deep: 
 just big enough for a small bottle of gin.
But the best bakery in Lucca is right next door.  
And with piazzas full of cafes and restaurants every block or two, and that great bakery, who could ask for anything more?

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