Wednesday, June 19, 2013

There Is No Internet At Sea.

And not much on board ship.  Slooooow doesn’t begin to cover it.  But as most of the people on the ship are about a hundred years old I doubt it’s a problem.  For them.  So I will try to catch you up:

Getting Here

“Bad news” Wally said the day before our vacation was to start.  “On the leg from New York to Berlin they give our seats away 90 minutes before the flight leaves.  So it’s conceivable that we won’t have any seats, and there’s no flight to Berlin until the next day.  Since we still need to get to Copenhagen, and since the ship leaves the day after we arrive, we’re screwed.”

“Great news” I said.  “So let’s go tonight.  We can grab a hotel near the airport in NY and get half a night’s sleep...”

Half an hour after I got home we were on the way to the airport.   At warp speed.  We made all the flights - barely.  

Maybe we do live a charmed life...  

Disneyland With Beer

It stays light in Copenhagen well past eleven.  We were enchanted with the evening, strolling through Tivoli Gardens, listening to the Danish Beyonce, riding all the scary rides (you should see the bruise on my arm from the roller coaster.  Safety tip: never take the outside seat.)

Try the Star Flyer - it’s like a swing set in the round.  At 500 feet up.  The guy behind us chickened out. Not us - Whee!!!

Wally downloaded my photos to his ipad and erased them, so you'll have to check with him for a really cool photo.

There are little white kiosks sprinkled thru Tivoil, about the size and shape of a fridge.  There’s an indentation about five feet up, it looks a bit like the water-thru-the-door thingie at home.  But these are beer kiosks!  No ID required - if you can reach the indentation you get your cup filled.  What a country!

Off To A Good Start

There is this delicious Danish yoghurt-ish stuff called tykmaelk.  We have it with organic, local, biodynamic, blessed-by-the-reindeer granola.  Yum.  Remind me to put pumpkin seeds in my granola.  I am addicted.  

Danes are the happiest people on earth thanks to three things: Political freedom, lack of corruption, and they don’t believe in decaf.  

We walk the pedestrian streets:
And check out the sights.  You can’t get near the mermaid except by sea:
Cupcakes are king here too:
We go to Nyehavn to take a canal tour.  One company has an open boat, nearly empty as it has been pouring off and on.  We go to the company with a covered boat: full.  We buy tickets for the next boat, and hot dogs:
And when the next boat arrives, the one we have tickets for is open.  And the one we don't have tickets for, the one that had the open boat before, has a lovely covered boat.  We dash for the covered boat.  Bob and Nancy take their chances in the open boat and come back looking like blue condoms - they bought ponchos on board - for the same price as a ticket on the covered boat.  

From the boat we see beautiful buildings with twisty towers:
Some you can even walk up:
More Copenhagen later, this glacial internet is making me crazy.

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