Thursday, March 18, 2010

before and after

This is what the garden looked like after the lawn but before the planting....
and on the right after the placement but before things got planted.  Deer proof (we hope!) lots of foliage color and texture, and some of my favorite plants. The tall grassy looking things are New Zealand flax - the red is Guardsman, the gray is Pink stripe and the yellow is Cream stripe. Check out the selection at Sloat in Danville, Navlet's,  and Orchard Nursery in Lafayette. Great local nurseries, well worth a trip, and this is the best time of year to plant. Wait until the wind dies down; plant everything. You didn't have other plans for the weekend, did you?

More pictures  -after planting, and after a few weeks to follow. Celebrate our successes, feel smug over our failures. Follow our progress. Learn from my mistakes.

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