Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pure Panic

Man, you do not know what panic is until you go to back up your computer (long overdue) and it just beeps at you. Long loud unhappy slightly snide beeps. With a big fat blank blue screen. I never want to go through that again. 

I am giving a talk on Monday morning, and all my handouts and notes were locked inside the beeping monster. In one of the lucky moments of my life I had just printed them out the night before so I could take them to bed and scribble on them. I'm still a paper girl. So worst case I could re-enter all that stuff...

Fortunately it was just a bad chip - thank goodness it has more than one and is limping along. A new one is on the way. And I have made a vow to automatically back up. Several times a day. Dodged a bullet. Taking the lesson to heart. Go back up your computer - now. 

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