Monday, March 8, 2010

Glory of the Snow

It's called ipheon - glory of the snow. At least that's what the label said. We don't have snow but we do have a carpet of palest blue flowers with greeny-yellow eyes. It's considered one of the minor bulbs. What minor person made these decisions? short people are not minor people, why are low bulbs considered minor? It has spread from just a few bulbs tucked into an open corner a couple of years ago. Not the right sun exposure, not the right soil, but it was an empty space and there was a rainstorm coming, so in they went. And they clearly didn't read their own planting instructions, for they are thriving. In fact, one came up in the lawn, braving the weekly beheadings inflicted by the mow-blow-and-go crew.

I know it's not what most think of as bulb planting season, but it is bulb-blooming season, and there are lots of summer blooming bulbs you can tuck in now, while you're thinking about it. And when you're thinking about it is always the best time to do it. Check out Van Engelen for bulbs - they have good prices and top quality. I've never had to take advantage of their fantastic guarantee but I'mawfully glad it's there

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